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When you have a really awesome dream and then you wake up and find out that it wasn’t real and you’re just like: 

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i was crying in my car in front of the mcdonalds near my house eating french fries and listening to my sad playlist in the car and a black guy tapped on my window and just gave me life changing advice “its going to be ok lil nigga you can do it” 

This is one of my favourite posts on tumblr.

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skinnyotaku asked: This girl here is beautiful and caring, thankyou for your help!

Awwwww, honey!! I’m here for you whenever you need someone to talk to <3

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Don’t say you’ll ‘treat a girl like a princess’ unless you’re prepared to follow up on that shit. 

If I’m not living in a castle by the sea with diplomatic powers over a small country then you’re a bitch-ass liar.

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I was throwing out my old school books, and I looked in the back of one of them and it was just pictures of butts and the only explanation given was BUTTPOCALYPSE!!!

… My in high school really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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i casually remarked to my dad that the safety dance music video was similar to the Hobbit, so he watched it like 3 times (talking about how much alike they looked) and now is watching a documentary on Men Without Hats.

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ever notice how work in classes are all called questions but in math theyre called problems

that really speaks to me

It’s like doctor’s. “You’re going to feel a bit of pressure” and then ask you where the pain is.

there is literally no comparison between these two things at all are you okay

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